Sports Studies


Track cyclist on Velodrome tournament always forces their self to sprint in order to win the tournament. Sometime they will push themselves beyond their limit and thus affecting their body condition in long term. Human activity particularly cycling is related to Heart Rate Variability (HRV) since the blood with oxygen is pumped to the whole body to keep muscle function. A cyclist body condition can be predicted by a physician and a proper training schedule can be created in order to keep cyclist in the best condition. In this research, a wireless wearable physiological sensing system is being developed to provide online cyclist conditions in certain physiological element without distracting cyclist comfortability.


A personalised training program is needed to enhance the performance of a professional track cyclist. Typically, the performance is based on separate feedbacks from the bicycle’s kinetics and the cyclist physiological condition. However, in recent years the advancement, availability and affordability of sensor technologies allow the optimization of the training program; by combining real-time information from both the cyclist’s physiological condition and kinetic data from the bicycle. The physiological conditions such as heart rate variability, skin temperature, and forehead temperature can be combined with bicycle kinetic data (speed, cadence, power and crank angle) to provide accurate assessments of the track cyclist’s condition and training program intensity. A system that combines data from physiological signal and bicycle kinetic has been developed for this purpose. Wearable physiological body sensors and bicycle kinetic sensors are deployed using wireless sensor network (WSN). Data handling and communication was developed based on Zigbee protocol whereby the WSN centralized base-station was supported by two repeater nodes which was used to extend signal coverage in the velodrome to prevent data losses.




Wireless base and repeater position

Sport-v3 Sport-v4

Overall system testing


Lab Setup for motion capture


Physiological lab test


Ergocycle test


Velodrome field test